Saturday, March 5, 2011

FuzziBunz Stock Clearance Sale!!

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Stock Clearance Sales!! Everything is at 40% Discount while stocks last..!

Terms and conditions:
1. Package Deals are not applicable
2. Free Shipping is not applicable
3. Warranty is not applicable to any of the products sold.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Charlie Banana

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Have you heard of 2 in 1 diapers?? I have not until recently!!.. well that's partly because I don't have any children in diapers not till the 3rd one comes out.. Anyway, i thought it's pretty cool.. where you can reuse the cover and only need to replace the inner parts.

Well CharlieBanana have one offered.. and what's interesting is that the inserts can either be reusable (cloth) or disposable. If you are traveling, instead of saving that cloth inserts in wet bag, you can just throw it away if you were to use the disposable one. They are disposable but at the same time biodegradable, in other words, env. friendly. Well, can't wait to get one.. what bout u??

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

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I've just realized that I didn't post anything in Feb. How fast time flies.. Must be because of my morning sickness that I ended up not having any energy to spend my days well... It's prob because of aging?? I've noticed that this is so far the most difficult pregnancy journey that I have to undergo comparing it to how it were for my first 2 children.. Anyway.. hope it's going to be well after the next month or so, insha Allah..

Anyway, there was a major Earth Hour call yesterday, Sat 27th 2010. And I simply missed it... was having a bad day with migraine that I dozed off with an empty stomach at 9pm without realizing it.. I wonder though why is the Earth Hour made yesterday when Earth Day is instead about a month away.. April 22nd isn't it??

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CDing and Going GREEN in Malaysia

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I remembered how I started my journey with CDing. I was doing some searching and somehow landed on this particular topic, by coincidence. Frankly speaking, what attracted me most in the beginning was not how 'green' it was but instead the long run investment saving plan.. sounds like a bank saving account plan.. haha.. CD being 'healthier/clinically safe and save the environment' was a second factor.. that doesn't mean i'm a pro Green House-Effect.. Of course I want what's best for our environment and Earth.. :)

At that time, modern CDing in Malaysia was not popularly known, i think... and there were only online shops selling those cool,trendy CDs.. forget about that squared kain lampin.. that was available since ages ago.. and there were only 1 local brand that i've heard of at that time (Freshbots). Most of the CDs were largely imported and hence the price were quite expensive (> RM 50). However, now I think the situation has changed. CDs were featured a few times in local paper and mags.. and at the same time, it seems that the CD community in Malaysia has expanded.. This is truly a good sign and hopefully will help make the Earth a better place to live!

Moreover, going GREEN is something that is being considered seriously by the gov. One effort I know is the initiative to introduce the 'no bag plastics' day done in Penang and recently in Selangor on the following days:
Penang - Mon to Wed
Selangor - Saturday

I usually do my grocery shopping on the weekends. For now, I don't see much of a difference. :) But slowly, I guess they're going to hit it off on banning the plastics altogether.. since it originally was imposed on Monday but now has spread to Tue and Wed too! I guess i need to find a box and place it in my car trunk.. in case i might need it someday.. If not, i guess I have to push the shopping cart all the way to my house! (haha.. like that's going to happen!)

Saving your bed from getting wet

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In the beginning, even when Husna has been potty trained, I still let her wear diapers when sleeping at night. For me, the task of having to wash the bedsheet and wipe the mattress is just troublesome. On top of that, I also made sure that the mattress is fully covered by some waterproof material so that it is easy to clean up the mess. I found that there are many online stores that sells materials that just serve this purpose and at the same time being very expensive!! ( > RM 50 and some even > RM 100).

Me, not a spending creature find it a bit absurd to have to pay that amount and thus heads out to find other alternatives.. And alhamdulillah (all praise be to Allah).. found a very cheap solution from Kedai Kain Johan in BM. I found that there's a cloth (which i didn't know) that is used for making curtains that are plastic-like.. not really plastic.. but i don't know the exact name.. hence the description.. It turns out that this cloth can be found in Nagoya as well.. I just bought some leftover yesterday for RM 4++/meter. I have been using this type of material for both Hamzah and Husna, in case if they had 'accident' when sleeping. This was one of the easy way to 'force' them to learn potty training at night during their sleep..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

FuzziBunz OneSize Restock!

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The FuzziBunz OneSize has been restocked..!! Please refer to here for the list of available diapers.
For a clear picture of the colors, you can refer to here.

New colors:
printed daisy (lavender/apple green) and apple green

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: For Printed Daisy, add RM 3 to the Regular price diapers.
OneSize Printed Daisy = RM85 + RM 3 = RM 88
Fixed sized S-L = RM75 + RM3 = RM 78

Friday, September 11, 2009

What a busy month

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My helper recently went back to her hometown for a one-month holiday. Hence, I am left to take care of the house and the kids with some help from my hubby. It is indeed a busy month to have to send/fetch the kids from nursery and to prepare all the sahur/iftar. If you can't tell.. I am not a WAHM, but instead a WAOM.. O for Office. I have a full time job to support the family.. :)
So, if the response that you're getting is a bit slow/delayed, please be patient and bear with me.. I'll try my best to pe responsive, including updating the blog.

Thank you for your support! Happy shopping or browsing!

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